Had to share..this is friends Arab x welsh yearling,
He had a severe skin infection that the vets could not figure out.massive antibiotics/washes etc.vets gave up after afew months and he was going to be put down.
Marianne asked if I knew anything herbal that might help...nothing to lose..he was losing weight and very sick.
I said diatomaceous earth and turmeric and sent info.
They tried it...6 months later...look at him now...wow.
❤️ Karen.  

Thanks Tina for your wonderful service. As I told you on the phone after the first 450 gm bag I was completely sold. My introduction onto DE came about 3 months ago when it was recommended to me by a friend for  an undiagnosable virus which caused agonising pains in my legs arms and spine., leg cramps and restless legs. Not being a fan of big Pharma I found the only relief I got was with magnesium oil and a pain aromatherapy mixture. My starting dose of DE was a desertspoon in the morning. This I gradually increased to a heaped tablespoon twice a day. Within a week the pain started to subside and although I still have dull aches and restless legs, the intensity of pain has gone, and my nails have strengthened .I am totally convinced in the benefits of DE.
Thanks again

You guys need a warning label lol. I had a small cut on my arm (renovating cut) and it wouldn't heal fully. It was either go to the doctor or try and fix it myself. I thought DE couldn't hurt. After cleaning the cut, I put dry DE on a band aid and applied. The first two days I had a funny feeling under the skin around the cut. It didn't hurt so I wasn't worried. Day three I decided it was good enough to stop "treatment". The following occurred from using DE.......it dried the cut and it healed nicely. Second (which should be a warning) the hair around the cut has thickened. It hasn't grown longer but just thickened. It's obvious because the hair was very fine/invisible before. Anyone who tells me this stuff doesn't work can look at my arm lol.  ROSE



 Kristin wrote: "I've been using it for over 6 months now and there is no doubt it works, but I have an autoimmune disorder which is making my hair fall out in hunks, so it's interesting watching the fight go on in my body to have hair! I would be bald tho if it wasn't for DE. :-)"


 We have been using this for our Resident Dog here who has very bad eczema. We got your product off another person who was using it, to give it a trial to see if it would alleviate any of the dog’s symptoms. This has worked really well and reduced the itching substantially and everyone keeps commenting on how shiny his coat has become! Hence why we placed the order ourselves. What an amazing product!


Jemma Neil


Since 1978 I've had 4 back operations, resulting in having two six inch plates screwed to my back, and my spine being fused together. More recently Dr's prescribed me " Embrill "  an injection to control severe psoriatic arthritis pain. I take one injection every week costing  $1000.00 PER MONTH.  I've lived in constant pain for 35 years barely able to move without pain.

 A friend of ours has been taking Fossil and suggested I try it. I've been taking it for approx. 3 months,and I'm completely free of pain, therefore  have stopped taking the Embrill injection, and still free of pain.

            I thought this may be of interest to you as it's been an absolute godsend as far as I'm concerned. Would love to hear what you think.!!!


             Kind Regards,  Mark


I recently developed what is known as Trigger finger where my thumb has been locking during the night and has been getting more painful during the day, very aching during the night. It happened without warning overnight. I decided to double my dose of DE, by having it twice a day and the pain and locking seems to be diminishing in intensity after only 3 days of increased dose. I am very hopeful and will let you know if it is completely successful, and more than happy to give any testimonials regarding tick treatment, flea treatment, psoriasis and any other I discover as we get this natural remedy out there to friends and family. The DE is a great substance and your price and the fact we can buy locally in Australia is well worth the price and additional postage. A good friend of mine recommended I try it since it had improved the quality of his and his friend's lives immensely. Again, much gratitude and blessings to you.

Warm regards,



 Magnificent change in our cat in 2 mths!! Diatomaceous Earth has given our cat back her health and happiness.             We dusted her twice a week and gave her a teaspoon of DE each day and so happy with the results this has done for our cat. She was scratching and biting at herself all day and night. Her fur was falling out and she couldn't stay still because of her itch.
Thanks so much, Jane

Hi there, that is great to hear, and yes it does make it easier to take I have noticed.... I don't mind at all if you put my feedback up on your sites, maybe just don't use my last name please.  I will have a list of other things that it has helped with below:


Constipation, I was always constipated since I can remember and now I move my bowels every morning as well as several times a day! I feel so clean and not toxic like I used too.  I also notice that I was expelling a lot of parasitic matter, I give this to my dog and cat, my dog suffered with stringy, mucosy, smelly poos which were dis-coloured and just didn't look healthy, now he has no problems in that area and it gives me peace of mind knowing that he is being treated daily for worms naturally instead of taking poison, also his coat is beautiful and shiny and doesn't have that doggy smell about him anymore. 


My cat had a bad case of ear mites and also a urine infection, she looked as if she was going to die, I took her to vet but the treatment did not work, I gave her DE in her cream every day and rubbed it on her face and within a week, No mites, No urine infection and one very happy, healthy cat.  (she was so weak she couldn't even get off the lounge to eat).


I have suffered with for over 15 years with endometriosis, and was looking seriously at having my uterus out, the pain was so debilitating every month that all I could do was sit in hot baths and load up on strong pain killers, now after a few months of taking your DE, I have hardly any pain at all, the bleeding has normalised.  I recently, (last week) went to the gynocologist, she basically said I have no problem in that area anymore, I'm healed!


I have also suffered with leaky gut for several years with several food allergies including gluten and dairy, I believe the leaky gut is better.


I will never ever stop taking this stuff! I have tried many many vitamins, health products over the years, I could have open up my own health food shop with all the stuff that didn't work, this stuff has saved my health and sanity!


Sorry the cream I mentioned is just plain pouring cream I give to my cat, apparently they can drink cream but not milk because they are lactose intolerant and I find it’s a good way to make sure she gets her D.E., I put about a 1/4 teaspoon in her bowl with some cream and she drinks it up nicely.  As far as rubbing on the skin, she had bad mites and had big bloody scabs all over her face and her fur had fallen out in that area too, I just rubbed plain coconut oil and D.E. on the skin, but to tell the truth I think it worked best just by getting her to ingest it.  Within a week all the scabs were healed with no new ones, and her fur started to grow back.


When she got sick, I was giving her Apple Cider Vinegar, Colostrum and inner health plus as well as the D.E., but I realised that it was the D.E. that fixed her up.  The other stuff may have helped, not sure, but now I give her the D.E. and that's it. 


I’m happy to answer any other questions as I love talking about his stuff.


Many thanks for your wonderful product


Love and Light Aimee






I have been recommended by my doctor to get some DE to worm our family.

After being on the DE for a few weeks we did start finding a few that had been expelled and for the next few weeks and I must say we are all feeling so much better.

Even though this stuff has been around for millions of years, I just hope the TGA or FDA don’t stop this product as they tend to do with natural things that work. Hope you guys keep selling it. It has been a great help. Thanks




 I bought Fossil earth Food grade diatomaceous about a month ago. I have been giving it to my small [mini] dogs a teaspoon a day, I noticed they do not scratch hardly at all. Does this control fleas also by digesting? What is an average daily dose for humans. I started out with a teaspoon a day, gradually worked up to 3 teaspoons a day. Noticed some decrease in spinal pain of neck and back jaw, does not hurt as much[long story]. Can u take too much daily? My dog who I tried everything and  I mean everything over the last 4 years, well giving her this, her hair is almost grown back , no more new red hot areas with continuing to heal. I did not expect that.



I have been using your D-earth for the past couple of years inside the house as a Non-Toxic method for combating the onslaught of summer ant armies.  We had a dog but now have 2 cats after our old boy passed on and I try to use chemicals as little as possible -- especially sprays, so this product has been our go-to (along with a plant-based, similarly non-toxic orange spray we sometimes use alongside depending on the circumstances).

I especially like that I can use the D-earth in the kitchen and bathroom (always the worst hit areas) and even on the veranda (where I also feed wild parrots:  cockatoos, lorikeets & rosellas) -- without worrying about poisoning anyone else who is not too much of a pest!

One cat is a roacher, so he does his daily 'job' at night... but in the morning, the ants are swarming after his attack... a little D-earth attention on that specific spot & leadfing the trail back to where they came in from the wall... and within a few hours, I am confident to vacuum up the residual 'mess'... but again, not toxic & I try not to breathe in or make too much dust.

In the war between protecting our home & critters from the ants who would otherwise take it over, your product helps me to keep my sanity, thanks!!!

Didi Gilson