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Fossil power organic pure diatomaceous earth for health and wellness

Bertke, E. M. The effect of ingestion of diatomaceous earth in white rats: A subacute toxicity test. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 1964, 6 (3), 284-291.

In a rabbit study, researchers found no bad side effects after applying diatomaceous earth to the rabbits' skin five times per week for three weeks. In a rat study, researchers fed rats high doses of diatomaceous earth for six months. They found no reproductive or developmental effects. In another rat study, the only effect was more rapid weight gain and health benefits. That study involved 90 days of feeding rats with a diet made of 5% diatomaceous earth.

CLINICAL OBSERVATIONS OF FEEDING FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH TO DOGS, O.C. Collins, DVM, Midland Animal Clinic And Hospital, Midland, TX: “In clinical observations of feeding dogs over 35 lbs. 1 tbsp./day and under 35 lbs. 1 tsp./day of DE, within seven days all ova disappeared from stools. DE controlled Ascardis (Toxacara canids), Hookworms (Anclyostoma caninum), and Whipworms (Trichuris vulipis).”

RESULTS ON FEEDING FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH TO WORKING HORSE, L. Thomas, Trainer, L. Frank Roper Stables, Winter Garden, FL: “With horses fed approximately 5 oz. of DE mixed in the feed twice daily, the following results were observed:

  • Stopped scours even on horses that had not responded to any other medications.
  • Horses showed an increase in appetites,
  • Weight gain due to better feed conversion,
  • Reduction in manure odours
  • Elimination of any internal parasites.
  • Healthier appearance
  • Stronger Hooves


BY: Dr. Stuart B. Hill [then] Department of Entomology & Ecological Agriculture Projects, McGill University, Montreal, QC.

For centuries stored grain has been protected from insect attack in much of the less developed world by adding some form of powder or dust to it. Common materials include plant ash, lime, dolomite, certain types of soil and diatomaceous earth (DE) or Kieselguhr.

With the introduction of synthetic pesticides in the 1940s, and modern fumigants some time later, it was felt that a scientific solution to pest problems had been found. Although these materials provided enormous local benefits, a number of problems are beginning to be recognized. These include the development of resistance by insects, pollution of the environment, contamination of foodstuffs with residues, and exposure of users to toxic chemicals. This has led a small group of researchers and developers to look again at the different powders to see which are most effective and how they can be improved.

Probably the most effective naturally occurring protective powder is diatomaceous earth. This is a geological deposit made up of the fossilized skeletons and tests of siliceous marine and fresh water organisms, particularly diatoms and other algae. These skeletons are made of hydrated amorphous silica or opal. When crushed, they break up into tiny pieces of glass'' (so tiny that the material feels like talcum powder). This is easily picked up by the hairy bodies of most insects, whereupon it scratches through their protective wax layers; and they also absorb some of this material, the result being that the insects lose water rapidly, dry up and die. Additional protection is provided by the powder's property of repelling many insects. A similar principle probably accounts for the fact that birds frequently take dust baths, presumably to rid themselves of parasites.

In houses it can be used effectively to prevent the entry of certain insects such as earwigs, ants, and cockroaches, and to control these and others that are present in cupboards containing food, carpets, basements, attics, window ledges, pet areas (for fleas), etc. In all of these examples it is important to place a small amount of the powder in corners, cracks, crevices, and other areas where insects might hide.

Whereas with a contact pesticide the insect dies quite quickly, with DE control may take several days. The more important difference is that the effect of the protection provided by the chemical is short-lived, whereas DE will control the pests as long as the powder remains. In this respect DE is an ideal pesticide; it is residual but non-toxic. The only health precautions that need to be taken are that if large areas are being treated with a power duster, the applicator should wear a mask to prevent inhalation. Because DE is made of silica, people sometimes mistakenly think that DE causes silicosis. As indicated above, however, pesticide quality DE is usually over 97 per cent amorphous silica, which does not cause silicosis, which is associated only with crystalline silica. Indeed, inhalation of road dust and grain dust IS likely to be more harmful than DE.

In the field DE has potential in certain restricted uses such as treating the bark of fruit trees in spring using an electrostatic duster, or the roots of plants when transplanting: but because it is non-selective and also kills beneficial insects, its use here should be carefully controlled.

Another use is in animal production units for the control of external parasites and flies. This control is achieved by dusting the animals and the litter or bedding area. It has also been included in the diet (two per cent in the grain ration) to control certain internal parasites; and this practice is said to result in lower fly populations in the resulting manure.

It was established in the 1940s that life can't exist without Silica.

More recently, in her book "Water & Salt" Dr Barbara Hendel states:

"Silica is the most important trace element in human health."

Silica plays an important role in the many bodily function and has a direct relationship to  mineral absorption.

Thus can reduce many cases of Cancer.

Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits:

Why and How '. As you can see from the picture of Diatomaceous Earth - (magnified 7000 times) – it looks like a cylinder full of holes. This cylinder has a very strong negative charge. As these millions of cylinders move through the stomach and digestive tract, they attract and absorb fungi, protozoa, viruses, endoloxins, pesticides, and drug residues, E.coli, and heavy metals. These are trapped inside the cylinder and passed out of the body.

In addition, any larger parasites that happen to be in the stomach or digestive tract are "cut up" and killed by the sharp edges of the Diatomaceous Earth. All of these activities result in a much healthier body with less sickness.

We often hear the phrase "I just feel better”, with our Diatomaceous Earth users. This better feeling comes from all the "junk" being removed from the body and by giving the immune system the "jump start" it needs.

Diatomaceous Earth is quite hard. On the hardness scale where diamonds are a 9, Diatomaceous Earth is a 7. This is very important because as those millions of tiny hard and sharp Diatomaceous Earth cylinders pass through the small and large intestines, they "scrub" the walls. After only a few months of taking Diatomaceous Earth, the intestine wall is no longer coated with mucus and moulds but CLEAN!!

The advantages of this are several:

  1. Regular bowel movements (This is the #1 comment everyone makes about DE).
  2. Healthier colon. This is especially important as we get older. A clean healthy colon keeps away polyps, cancers, and ulcers. Today, many are spending thousands of dollars to get colonics to do the same thing as Diatomaceous Earth does.
  3. Many users report increased energy and needing less sleep. This is a result of all the food and nutrients that are taken in being better absorbed into the blood stream. With a coated colon—many nutrients never get absorbed.A small amount of Diatomaceous Earth gets absorbed into the blood stream as silica. One of the benefits of Silica is that it helps to destroy bad fats. Everyone we know who takes Diatomaceous Earth has lowered  their cholesterol by 40-50 points, and they are amazed at how their high blood pressure goes down. Sore joints and ligaments feel better.
  1. Skin clears up (acne-age spots-psoriasis)
  2. Hair and nails are stronger and grow faster
  3. Stronger teeth and gums
  4. Healthier respiratory tract-less coughing
  5. Menopause has less symptoms
  6. Healthier urinary tract

We will endeavour to discuss the results that DE users have experienced by taking a heaping teaspoon of DE in their favourite juice or liquid on a daily basis without the benefit of an industry sponsored study.

Some people react with great scepticism regarding human consumption of DE, and while it is not allowed by Government regulators for distributors to make claims about DE's use as a human health supplement, we do hope to help illuminate the 'Iogical reasoning behind the health claims of CONSUMERS regarding the use of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for human health. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has been reported to absorb methyi mercury,

E. coli, endotoxins, viruses (including poliovirus), organophosphate pesticide residues, and drug residues.

DE is a natural organic colon cleanser and detoxifier. This cleansing and detoxification alone has a myriad of positive effects in the human body.