Finest Quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Capsules 90% plus Amorphous Silica (good silica) less than half a percent crystalline silica.

Our Diatomaceous Earth has a very good analysis as can be seen on our home page.  This is very similar to the Diatomaceous Earth that has been approved for human consumption in America by the FDA.

Suitable for Humans and animals, clean the colon, reduce weight, improve; skin, nails and hair, remove worms and parasites, reduce cholesterol, reduce aches and pains in the body. See the Testimonials.

Highly recommended addition to any detox, cleansing program for 3 months for best results.

We cannot state you can consume for humans in Australia as no diatomaceous earth in Australia has been approved by the TGA.

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Ph; 0447962119                                  Click here for How to Consume        

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Highest Quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 90 capsule bottle ..

$20.00 including GST

Capsules 3 Bottles

Capsules 3 Bottles

Highest Quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth  270  capsules ..

$45.00 including GST

Capsules 10 Bottles

Capsules 10 Bottles

Highest Quality Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth 900 C..

$150.00 including GST

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